Four Ways to Help Your Gut Bacteria

Most of us do not think about our gut bacteria very often. We assume that everything is working normally unless we start to experience some issues. Perhaps you are having stomach problems every couple of weeks. Maybe you have discovered a new food intolerance. Or you could be in a situation where you want to lose weight quickly. Your gut bacteria can help resolve all these issues for you. Here are four ways that you can help your gut bacteria, allowing it to help you:

Sleep More –

People who slept roughly four hours a day, even for a short time, suffered serious complication in their gut. The study found their gut bacteria was going through problematic changes because they were not sleeping enough. Getting seven to eight hours is pivotal if you want to improve gut health and lose weight.

Intermittent Fasting –

The reason why intermittent fasting is seen as useful for gut health is that your gut bacteria go through a circadian cycle. It can be disrupted when you are overeating for an extensive period. When you are looking to lose weight, their cycle is so out of shape that you are struggling to shed the pounds.

When you fast intermittently, it can get your bacteria in the gut back to their normal circadian cycle. The result is better metabolism, nutrient absorption, and overall health.

Eat Lots of Vegetables –

Vegetables have the dietary fiber, nutrients and bacterial diversity that you need to help your gut bacteria. The issue is two-fold when it comes to vegetables. The first problem is that people do not get enough in their diet. They will only eat a couple of servings of vegetables in a week. That is not sufficient.

The second issue is that people pick a couple of vegetables and eat those all the time. Eating a lot of spinach and broccoli is great. Those are two of the best vegetables for your health. But it does not mean you can avoid onions, peppers, radishes, tomatoes and more.

A variety of vegetables is what your body needs for bacterial diversity!

Exercise –

There are so many reasons why exercise is good for your body. It gets you up and out of the house; it can help your mood, it is good for your heart, and it helps your gut bacteria.

When you exercise, you will develop greater microbial diversity for your gut. There is evidence from many animal studies that show when the animal exercises more, the composition of its gut is more beneficial.

So you may be told that losing weight is done only through diet. But you still need to prioritize exercise if you want to improve your long term health.